At the outset, we thank you all for patronizing our products. As you are aware, our jaibalaji products are the only products available in india with"ISI" & "SA" Markings and IP-67 Protection. We are also an ISO 9001 :2008 Certified company offering Quality Plus Products at Most Competitive Price.

Jaibalaji Products are manufactured making use of UL Listed V2Flame Retardant Grade 960o Glow Wire Tested Anti corrosive Anti-Acid unbreakable Engineering Plastic and are fully insulated.

Our wide range of products are Illuminated Push Buttons, Pilot Lights, Push Button Stations (Plastic & Metal) LED Electronic Module Indicating Lights(16.5 mm & 22.5 mm dia) Electronic signal Tower Lights (LED & BULB) Electronic Proximity Sensors (Photo Sensors, Diffuse, Thro' Beam, Colour mark, Inductive & Capacitive) Electronic Timer Din Rail (Analog & Digital) Electronic Digital Counter/Timer, Figital Meters AC/DC Voltmeter, Ammeter, Digital Panel Meters, Frequency Meters, Variety of Limit Switches, Like BS-9, BC-9T, JW Micro Adjustable, CEE EM 45m Precision, Miniature Snap Action, Mini Limit Switches, Heavy Duty limit Switches JB-2700, Extra Heavy Duty JC-1125 Limit Switches, Explosion Proof EPHA Limit Switches, Foot Switches, Engineering Plastic Industrial Plug & Sockets, Cam Operated Rotary Switches, variety of different sizes of Junction Boxes (Engineering Plastic & Metal) and Telescopic Brushes.